What Are My Roof Style Choices?

If you are building a new home, the roof is arguably the most important part. You have choices as far as the materials and styles are concerned.  Climate will want to be considered before making a choice, as some roof styles are safer for certain areas.  There are so many choices when it comes to the actual style of your roof, which you will choose before the building process even begins. Unsure about what style suits your home best?  This article will provide you with information on some of the most common and popular roofing styles available.

Gabled roofs make up for most of the residential roofs in America. These roofs have two roof surfaces which are the same size that are pitched at the exact same angel back to back, this creates the ridge across the top and forms a triangular roof.  The simple design makes it quite easy to build, which reduces costs. Because of the pitch, it easily disperses water off of the roof, preventing water damage.  It also provides great ventilation and more ceiling space than most other roofing styles.  With all these advantages, it should be noted that Salt Lake roofing professionals recommend not using a gabled roof if you live in a high wind area.  Gabled roofs are particularly susceptible to high winds, with a possibility of collapse to it not being properly supported and damaged by severe weather.

Hipped roofs are also quite popular. These roofs do not have the flat sides like a gabled roof, which makes it more resistant against wind. Instead of flat sides, all sides of the roof slope to meet the walls of the house.  Although it can be more difficult to build a hipped roof, building the walls for a home with this roof style is quite easier because all walls will be the same height. Hipped roofs are recommended if you live in high wind areas are areas susceptible to hurricanes.  The have stronger internal bracing, which makes them able to better withstand sever weather.  Salt Lake roof experts recommend regular upkeep on these roofs, as they can be more prone to water damage. Having properly installed gutters is important on a hipped roof.  Be sure to choose a roof that suits not only your personal taste, but most importantly the area you live in.