The Different Flavors Of Patio Lighting

It might surprise you to learn how many different types of patio lights are on the market these days.  Most people are only familiar with one are two.  In today’s article I will be sharing some ideas about improving your patio lighting on your home.

Patio umbrella lights – Sometimes after a hard day, you want to sit down and relax in a calming area of your home.  Installing patio umbrella lights under your patio umbrella and having a nice nightcap before bed is the perfect way to wind down from a busy day.

Patio String Lights – Many people really enjoy hanging Christmas lights all over their yards during the Christmas season.  If you are that type of individual, would probably also enjoy patio string lights.  These lights are perfect for celebrating any party or special occasion on your patio.

Solar patio lights – If you are interested in converting your home over to alternative energy but can’t afford to set your house up with an entire alternative energy system right off the bat, you might be interested in solar patio lights.  This is a great way to get started and they are inexpensive and easy to install.

Patio motion lights – These patio light fixtures are perfect for those occasions when you  return home from work late and it’s dark outside.  Patio motion lights will automatically turn themselves on so that you can find your keys and unlock the door and make your way safely into your home.

Patio flood lights – Many people have patio flood lights installed on their yard because of the versatility that these patio lights offer.  You can install very powerful light bulbs for occasions when you want to illuminate an entire portion of your yard or you can install less powerful light bulbs and aim the lights to evenly distribute the light over a wider area.