Some Games for Girls and Boys

When it comes to fashion games there are many free flash games online for young girls to play. These games include a model or doll that your child can create a fashion look for by choosing the haircolor and style, the outfit, the shoes, and accessory items. The games are very easy for children of all ages to play because they are designed in a drag and drop fashion and also work with a basic mouse double click. There are also some games that focus on make-up and hairstyles rather than fashion.

You can also find some software versions of the flash fashion games such as the Barbie dress-up game. There is also a Barbie fashion designer program that allows your child to use your computer and the various clothing templates in the program to create outfits that can be printed on real fabric pieces. The fabric can then be cut and sewn to complete a new fashion garment that will fit a regular Barbie doll. There is also a paper sketchbook for creating designer fashions available from Fashion Angels. The sketchbook includes clothing templates as stencils and has many pages with outlines of fashion models for your child to create their designer fashions on.

If you happen to have a young boy who is not interested in fashion design, you might consider teaching them some of the classic games such as chess or checkers. You can find some game boards that are created with a multi-game surface for various games including backgammon. The checkers backgammon boards will usually come in a set that also includes the various playing pieces you need for each game. The playing pieces can be found in several colors including black, red, blue and white as well as in different sizes ranging from three fourths of an inch in diameter to one and a half inches.