Panini maker, panini press

If you are tired of the same old sandwiches, add a panini maker to your kitchen appliances and spice up your lunch!
If the old bologna and cheese on white is not making it any more, a panini maker can add a whole new dimension to your life. If cold meatloaf on day-old bread does not have any more appeal, think panini.

A panini maker is easy to use. It is inexpensive to buy. It is fun to experiment with as you add new treats to your culinary offerings.

Kids love paninis. With oozing cheese and toasty brown ridges, a panini on a lunch plate can bring a smile to any child. Most children can learn to operate a panini press and make their own after-school snacks.

Panini makers come in several sizes, from small ones that can turn out two perfect sandwiches to larger ones that can feed your whole family. Some panini makers have 1000 watts of power, so they heat up fast and make quick work of lunch.

Many manufacturers offer panini makers, but no matter which one you choose, look for non-stick surfaces, removable surfaces you can put in the dishwasher and a timer so you can be sure of a perfectly grilled sandwich without having to peek during cooking.

Expect to pay up to 100 for a name-brand model with the most desirable features.

A well-designed panini press has a floating hinge that expands to allow you to vary the thickness of sandwiches. You can use regular sandwich bread, but they also will accommodate ciabatta rolls and other thick breads.

Many panini presses can double as grills, so you can use the same appliance to grill dinner steaks, chicken, chops or vegetables.

Some panini makers can be converted to flat grills for pancakes or other flat cooking.