Three New Materials for Blue Rugs

If you would like a blue rug for your home, you will see that there are not only many rugs to choose from but also a number of very different materials from which blue rugs are made these days. In the past it was a case of paying top dollar for a rug in pure new wool or buying a cheap synthetic rug, but now you can buy blue rugs in everything from recycled plastic to dyed sheepskin.

Of course, you can still buy beautiful blue area rugs in all shades of blue in wool including patterned rugs, with blue as their main ingredient and these will enhance you floor with a look of quality, as wool has a special luster. However, if you want something a little different and very luxurious for a contemporary setting think about buying a navy blue rug in leather. Leather rugs are not generally made from flat pieces of leather, but from tiny thin strips of suede or leather knotted onto a strong backing canvas, just like a rag rug but in a very special material. They have a shaggy appearance with lots of texture and character and they make a beautiful focal point at the center of your floor.

If you are looking for something with a softer appearance, try one on the rugs made in a similar way but with cotton t-shirt fabric. These shaggy rugs are very soft to the touch as well as appearance and a baby blue rug would look just right in a romantic bedroom or the nursery.

The very latest trend with floor coverings is for rugs for the patio and you will find rugs available in all colors of blue, which are suitable to be left outside in the garden. These outdoor rugs are made of synthetic materials but they feel surprisingly soft to the touch, yet they can be easily cleaned by soaking them with a garden hose.