Why Buying Printing Paper In Bulk Saves You More Than Money

There are two basic reasons why buying office supplies in bulk is a genuinely good idea. First of all, because of the high competition between paper vendors, many companies have special offers that include free supplies when you order a certain amount (or when the cost of the supplies meets or exceeds a certain sum). The second rationale of why purchasing in bulks is appealing resides in free shipping. However, although you have the chance to save some cash by purchasing large quantities of office supplies that are utilized regularly, you will only obtain a beneficial deal when the items are actually cheap. The best bang for the buck entails that you benefit from discounts (or extra free items) and that the offer includes free shipping at the same time.

Purchasing paper sheets for the office also presents the advantage of saving a considerable amount of time. Essentially, since you are acquiring all the necessary paper for the office in one go, you will not have to check the office stores (online and offline) to place an additional order. Nonetheless, buying paper in bulk requires meticulous planning and, by correctly estimating the paper needs of the office over a predetermined period (one month or more) you will not have to place orders very frequently.

Before buying paper in bulk, you should evaluate the price per item of the sheet packs included in the bulk. The main idea behind this is to compare the cost of the bulk item and its usual standard price for the scope of determining whether you are actually making a financially beneficial investment by acquiring large quantities of paper. Calculating the money worth of a bulk item is done by dividing the overall sum by the number of sheet packs you want to purchase. If the price obtained is (much) less than the value of the individual item, then you will be saving a lot of money. As a side note, you should make sure that the paper sheets in the bulk package are identical to individual sheet packs in order to make an accurate comparison.

At the same time, it is best to be certain that you are investing in paper sheets suitable for the company’s printers (ink printer or laser printer). In case you are using paper to print customer contracts or other important documents, then you should select ink-jet paper because it is less absorbent, ensures a crisper print and the paper is smoother. Considering that it is less probable to bleed and it uses a toner, the laser printing paper usually works best with color laser printers.

Acquiring paper in large quantities presents a setback for companies that do not have a lot of free space. In the eventuality that your business consumes thousands of sheet packs each month, then you must make sure that you have the appropriate storage location for them. Improper paper storage can lead to other issues around the office (e.g. several pages going through the printer together, first page coming blank, paper feed problems, etc). Furthermore, storing sheets of paper anywhere you have some empty space can interfere with the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

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