The Importance of a Logo When Branding a Business

A lot of business owners never really consider how important the logo is to their business. To them, a logo is little more than a pretty design that accompanies their company’s name. While it’s fine to think of it this way, people who do end up cheating themselves out of the best part of branding. Your company’s logo is a simple symbol that gets people thinking about your company at a moment’s notice. Building a brand is all about being recognized, and what’s more recognizable than your logo?

Being Noticed

It has been said that first impressions are lasting ones. This is true everywhere, but nowhere moreso than in the realm of being a business people frequent. When you offer something interesting, you need to get people’s attention so they know you even exist. From there, you can dazzle them with what you offer. Your logo can make or break that critical two second period of a person’s life when they decide, whether truthfully or falsely, what you can do for them.

Standing Out

Being a stand out business has a lot to do with branding. If everything you do is standard and all fits together sensibly and visually, you’ll have a brand that’s congruent. But it can still be boring. You also need to put something out there which will stir people’s minds and get them to think of you as more than just a generic service provider. This is where your logo comes in.

Your logo is the flagship of your business’s brand. Your logo needs to be on every piece of correspondence you send out, and it also needs to be a prominent feature of every advertisement you release. When people think of your business, they need to get an image in their minds of your logo.

Every major business has a visual representation of itself that sticks in people’s minds and can easily be recalled. If your business doesn’t have a logo that speaks to people and pops up whenever they either think of you or what you offer, you’ve got a serious problem — it’s called obscurity.

When you have a business of your own, you want it to stand as far as possible apart from all of the other businesses that handle the same kind of work. First you have to get noticed, and then you have to stand out both quality wise and visually. All of this starts with your logo, so it’s something you need to put some work into.

About the Author: Mac Devita specializes in business branding and spends a lot of time working with online logo design groups to ensure each of the businesses he works with has an inspirational, memorable logo!