Strathwood St. Thomas Chaise Lounge

We’ve all experienced the feeling of sitting on our patios on a hot summer’s day in one of those hard plastic chairs. The cheap plastic chairs we all know so well are so uncomfortable that using them is just a pain. With excess heat absorption and no padding, it can seem like you’re sitting on a hard rock. Fortunately there are alternatives to these plastic nuisances; you just need to know what to look for. Outdoor chaise lounges are vastly more comfortable than your standard chair, and allow users to lie back or sit up straight. These adjustable outdoor “beds” are made from either wood or metal that is lined with comfy padding across the whole surface.

Some models have wheels to allow easy transport to different areas of the yard. Whether you want to catch some sun or watch the kids by the pool, a chaise lounge is unbridled in convenience and comfort. Strathwood has been making these types of chairs for years and knows just what it takes to make a quality chaise lounge. Their St. Thomas Cast Aluminum chaise lounge is one of their more decorative models. The frame is made from weather resistant cast aluminum with decorative curved handles and legs. This model doesn’t have wheels, therefore is designed to be stationary in one part of the yard.

Lining the frame of the folding lounge is a thick creme colored pad which supports the body in a “floating on air” feeling. The back section can be adjusted in six positions ranging from upright to flat. While the synthetic tweed cushion is weather resistant, users should bring it indoors when not in use. The aluminum frame has ribs running along its length, allowing it to support individuals up to 300 pounds in weight. The beautiful aluminum frame is coated with a dark bronze finish with silver accents.