How To Get Travertine Floors To Shine

Did you know that you can make your travertine floor shine brightly? This kind of tile, if wet, will have a nice shine on it where you can see your own reflection. There are other ways to give your floor a shine aside from just going to mop and clean it with sudsy water. These ways are something that you should know so you will have a constantly shiny floor. If you want to add more spice to the appearance of your floor, here’s one way to achieve it. To buy the best stone and tile cleaner from Amazon click here.

One way to get that wet look for your floor is to use a tile floor sealer that gives a glossy clear coat which you can use to seal the floors. Travertine flooring must sealed so that it will not be stained and sometimes you might need to apply several coats to make sure that the application of sealant is effective.

You can get a sealer that can add a shiny gloss to your floor or one that adds luster. The gloss will shine more.  The task in applying this sealer is not complicated at all but it requires a few man hours of labor. You don’t need to hire a contractor just to get this task done but you might need to schedule some of your time to properly apply the sealant. After you are done applying the sealer, let it dry on the floor overnight. To check to see if the floor is properly sealed, place some drops of water on it and then blow the drops. If the drops blow across the face of the tile, it means your floor is sealed properly.

If you want your travertine flooring to keep shining at all times, adding a sealer is one of the best way to make it possible. You will not need to worry anymore that unwanted dust and dirt can be absorbed by your tiles which will make them appear worn out and dirty. Reseal the floor every few years to keep that shine that you have come to enjoy. Through this way, you can have the floors you have always dreamed of. Hopefully we’ve answered your question about how to make travertine floors shine.