Create an Inviting Mood Using Patio Lights

Patio lights are first and foremost a source of lighting for outdoor use, but in addition to this they can also provide ambiance and create mood lighting as well. However, getting these kind of results requires a little planning as to which fixtures should be used for what particular function. While it may require more effort initially when installing outdoor lighting, the same fixtures can be used to create several different looks.

When you are ready to choose fixtures keep in mind that you have several different kinds of lighting to choose from for your patio and other outdoor areas. Many kinds of light fixtures are meant to be functional while others are meant to be decorative. Of course there are many lights that serve a dual purpose and are functional as well as decorative. Light fixtures that are mounted outside entry doors are generally fixtures that are both decorative and functional. Spotlights that are used to highlight a garden feature or specimen planting are functional fixtures that can be used to create decorative effects.

If you often cook and eat meals outdoors, decent lighting will be needed at your patio tables and barbecue grill. There are a variety of choices for this type of lighting. You can choose to hang one or more fixtures overhead. You could also use table or floor lamps that are made especially for outdoor use. There are several different specialty fixtures that are made especially for illuminating a grill. While you don’t want the lighting to be too harsh, you do want enough illumination to be able to see the food you are eating or cooking. Candles in various holders can also be spaced around the area and used for outdoor accent lights to add a special effect.

There is nothing quite like kicking back and enjoying the night sky with a favorite drink and a special person at the end of a long summer day. This is one of the many reasons why you need some areas that make use of softer lighting. It’s hard to enjoy gazing at the stars if you are blinded by the outdoor lighting. Keep this in mind as well as the type of mood you want to create for each area as you add lighting outdoors.