Which Core Aerator Rental is Right for You?

Buying or renting a lawn aerator rental is a great step in helping you achieve a vibrant and healthy lawn. All types of coring aerators benefit the soil by allowing air, nutrients and water direct access to a developing root system. There are two different kind of aerators, spiked aerators and core aerators.  Generally core aerators are better in longer lasting but under certain conditions, spike aerators work just as well as the others.

Spike aerators use a metal spike rather then a hollow time to poke holes into the ground. One benefit of buying or renting a spike aerators is that it will cost less. Another benefit is that if you are using a manual push aerator, a spiked aerator will give you a deeper penetration with less effort. The obvious disadvantage of spiked aerators is that the holes they make are often smaller and not as long lasting. Although these type of aerators are effective at aerating the soil that are not as effective at softening hard soils and encouraging root development.

Ideally, you will want to select a core aerator that will penetrate 2-3 inches beloe the surface. This may be a little harder to do if the soil has already started to get hard. If this is the case, simply aerate the soil 2 to 3 times rather then once.

Lawn aeration is most effective accomplished with a mechanical lawn aerator. Since a high-quality lawn aerator can cost 2-3,000 thousand dollars, it will more likely be more cost effective to rent the aerator then buying it yourself. If you are only renting the aerator for 3-4 hours, you may find that you can find and aerator rental for as low as $50-$60 dollars per day. You can rent one from a local garden store, from any rental shop or even some home improvement stores.