What Makes a Good Toothpaste

There are many things that can be said about which toothpaste is the best for you, but what really makes a good toothpaste? Is there any real difference in toothpastes? Does whitening toothpaste actually work? These and many more questions have taunted people like you and I for far to long, they must be answered. The truth is that many toothpastes are very much a like. In fact in the early twenty first century Colgate and Crest had several lawsuits against each other because both sides felt like the other was copying their toothpaste. This being said there are many things that you should look for when selecting your next toothpaste.

You first must decide what is the most important aspect of your toothpaste. Do you want a toothpaste that is made to whiten your teeth? Do you want a toothpaste that is made for all day cleaning? Do you want a toothpaste designed to help strengthen your enamel? Some toothpastes advertise that they are the jack of all trades and do all of these. Crest has done a good job as branding themselves as the paste or gel to go with if you want a whiter smile. Truth be told they all do about the same amount of whitening. If you really want some bright pearly whites you will need to get that professionally taken care of.

Colgate has their Total brand. Total was the first toothpaste to include triclosan in their ingredients. Triclosan is an antibacterial and has been shown to help prevent gum disease. This is something you may want to take into consideration as it will keep your dental costs down. Whatever toothpaste you choose make sure that it is approved by the ADA.

Find out more about toothpaste at glenellyndentist.com. It is always a good idea to ask your dentist in Glen Ellyn which toothpaste will be best for you.