Science and Wive’s Tales, Can You Stop Hiccups?

Have you ever wondered why a person has hiccups and what causes hiccups? To clear your thoughts regarding this particular topic, hiccups are involuntary spasm that usually occurs in the diaphragm muscles. When a person is having a hiccup, the sound is just like when a person is catching her of his breath by reason of crying or sobbing. In medical terms, it is called “singultus” which is derived from the Latin word sigult which means “the act of catching one’s breath while sobbing.” Although it is not really well established what causes hiccups, it is not also clear how to stop hiccups.

There are different suggestions available on how to stop hiccups. These suggestions do not have any scientific explanations but luckily, it sometimes work for most people who are suffering from this condition. The best and well suggested treatment for hiccups is drinking a glass full of water. There are even different styles in drinking water which are said to have cured hiccups. The trick is not to drink water in different ways or position but to drink warm water which according to some relaxes the muscles in the diaphragm so you won’t produce that “hic” sound. Water is good for our body but it is not a guarantee that drinking warm water might or might not work. It really depends as I have said. Another one is trying to hold your breath for 10 seconds. Just make sure that you do not go beyond that because you might end up in the hospital because of lack of oxygen. What causes hiccups is a more relevant question than asking how to stop hiccups because until now, doctor really do not have any specific cure for these condition. We just have to stick with the suggestions and who knows, it might really work.