5 Easy Tips to Stay Productive in the Workplace

It’s 2pm in the workday, and that small burst of energy that you received after eating lunch has worn off, and has now produced work fatigue. This is just one way that our daily production can be slowed to a screeching halt.

Being productive all day long is tough to do. Your eyes get tired from staring at the computer screen for long periods of time, text messages and emails are constantly coming in, and big-time distractions, like Facebook and other social media sites can hinder your ability to get work done. Being super busy with various work projects can also make it hard for you to prioritize tasks, and knock them out one by one.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that you can implement into your workday, in order to recharge the batteries a bit, and get more done.

Take Breaks.
Leaving your desk for five to ten minutes throughout the day, can be great for re-energizing and re-focusing. Take a walk outside to breathe in some fresh air and get the circulation going.

Ignore your cell phone. Take calls on your own time, and don’t get caught up in the distractions of potentially unimportant conversations. When you are in the middle of work and have a good rhythm going, let calls go to voicemail. Take a little bit of time throughout the day to listen to those voice messages, and get back to the ones that are urgent. This allows you to have control over these types of distractions that can take away from your productivity.

Stay Organized. Nothing slows production like clutter. Look around your desk. Do you have piles of papers (even if they are “organized” piles)? If so, take one day, even if it has to be a weekend day, to go through those documents, toss what you don’t need, and take care of the rest. Your desk, and your mind will thank you later.

Exercise (in the A.M.). Exercising and staying in shape will drastically improve your energy levels. Any time of day is better than no time of day, but if you can get yourself out of bed, working out first thing in the morning can be great for improving your energy throughout the day…and it will speed up your metabolism!

Eat a smaller lunch. When we miss eating breakfast, as many people do, we tend to make up for it at lunch time. This is no bueno. Eating a heavy lunch may satisfy your hunger, but it can make for a rough afternoon. Ideally, you want to eat a big breakfast (or anything at all if you can), maybe a mid-morning snack, a light lunch, and another mid-afternoon snack. As long as you don’t pack too much sugar into those meals, your energy levels should remain consistent throughout the day.

What tips do you have for eliminating distractions and staying productive? Comment below to share with others.

John Ehlenbeck is a small business owner, and contributing writer for Aprimo Integrated Marketing Management.