Is a Wall Street Journal Subscription Still Valuable in the Modern Online Business World?

The Wall Street Journal has been the de-facto business publication and newspaper ever since it was launched all the way back in 1889, but in today’s modern world does it really have the value needed for leading business thinkers when so much information can be found online?  It’s an interesting point, because the last five years has seen a huge increase in the amount of business news websites, email newsletters, and online resources dedicated to stocks, shares, and market trading spring up.

However, it’s my view that a Wall Street Journal Subscription still offers great value for money, and is an invaluable tool for anybody who wants to keep informed on business and economical matters.  If you are un-decided then please read on as I give an overview of the content and benefits you can expect to get by signing up to the WSJ.

Contains the Latest and Most Informative Business News

The Wall Street Journal truly is the one morning paper that will deliver you the latest business news from every single major market in the World.  The WSJ is guaranteed to be delivered to your door before 7am which means you can sit back, relax, have that morning coffee and get up to date analysis and reports from over 1,500 writers and analysts.  It includes the top world news plus crucial reports and in-depth technology coverage all backed up with expert financial insight.

The WSJ Always Gets Delivered Before 7am in the Morning

I for one hate booting my laptop up in the mornings before I’ve had my breakfast, and generally hate reading the news on my Blackberry… this is why I love the fact that the Wall Street Journal is there when I wake up to accompany me with my breakfast.  It gives me the head-start that I need before I start my working day.  Since subscribing to the WSJ five years ago I have become more well-rounded and knowledgeable in my role at work, and can keep a close track on fluctuating business and market changes on a daily basis.

Online Access to the Wall Street Journal Tools

But what about the wealth of rival information available online?  You might think that would negate the need to subscribe to a paper-based publication in the modern business world.  However, what I love about the Wall Street Journal is the fact that I also get online access and membership to their vast website as part of my subscription deal.  The website contains a large library of online marketing tools that supplement the newspaper.

For example, there are online discussion forums, stocks and share predictor tools, interactive graphs where I can track all my holdings and financial investments, as well as downloads that I can run on my iPhone or iPad should I be travelling and wish to access my account whilst on the move.

What Sections are Contained in the Wall Street Journal?

If you do subscribe then you will gain access to the following expert sections within the paper, all of which are highly valuable to the modern business man and trader – whether just starting out or well established.

  • Section One: Includes United States and international news with a thick section on political and economic reports and expert journalistic opinion.
  • Marketplace (from Monday to Friday): This is where you find the more corporate-focused news and expanded coverage of the marketing and media world including technology developments.
  • Money & Investing: In-depth reporting, coverage and insider analysis from the world of international financial markets – including Asia and the emerging markets.
  • Personal Journal: If you have a lot of personal investments that you want to follow then the Personal Journal will suit you – also includes careers plus cultural pursuits coverage.
  • Weekend Journal: Great on Saturdays as it looks deeper into the issues that might be of personal interest to WSJ business readers.  Items like travel, real estate, and sport is covered as well as editor’s picks from the world of health, leisure, and the media industries.

To conclude, I believe that without my Wall Street Journal Subscription I would not be as far into my career as I am today.  I started out as a bedroom-based options traders just after the turn of the millennium and started my subscription around 2003.  Since then the WSJ has been invaluable to me, and I’ve even managed to build up a large volume of contacts through the WSJ journalists that I’ve reached out to.

If you are serious about making it in the business world then think of the Wall Street Journal as your best friend and personal advisor – helping to lead you through the minefield of financial matters and news on a daily basis.

About the Author:  Bob Gittens was an amateur options trader for ten years, before stepping into his new roles with one of the large global banking companies.  Whilst not at work Bob runs a number of financial advice websites aimed at start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.  If you want to follow Bob’s lead and get ahead in business then you might want to consider using this Wall Street Journal Subscription Discount currently on offer (website managed and maintained by Bob Gittens).