The timeless beauty of crystal candelabra

You sometimes wonder why other things hold more aesthetic value than the rest and why it holds increasing value as it age contrary to the usual way of the world. This is the irony of beauty that we can only hope to understand. This mystery holds true when you look at a baccarat crystal candelabra.

More than just a home décor you can also see crystal candelabras in religious rites holding one unique form and design from one sect to the next. Museums and other historical sites also have some in display as a witness of its long standing presence in man’s pursuit for what is beautiful and timeless.

If you wish to have flush mount crystal chandelier in your home these are available in a wide range of materials, price and quality. If you only want to copy a feel to one of your living spaces a decent candelabrum can be bought for just a few dollars. If you however wish to have the real thing you can look for more antique pieces or those that have higher details in craftsmanship. This of course commands a heftier price. Either way it will never fail you in your attempt to elevate the look of your house.

The humble origins of the candelabra crystals were primitive and functional. It simply was a way to hold candles in the dark. Made from carved wood, its value back then was solely dependent on the lighted candle perched on it. Having light all night long was a luxury back then. Candles were considered luxury items.

Like the many things in the world that holds central value to life (in this case a light stand at night) it became a subject for the imagination of the rich. From carved wood gold candelabras were made, and later gems and precious stones were added to ornate it. Time only waited for a crystal candelabrum to emerge and entirely changed how light was reflected in different angles.