Try Simple Substitutions for a Healthy Diet!

If you were to be honest with yourself, you would probably have to admit that you struggle with eating healthy at times.  It can be especially difficult to eat the same foods over and over while watching your friends who are not health conscious enjoy so many different type of yummy treats.  After a while eating yet another grilled chicken breast can really lose its appeal.  One thing that you should do if you find that you are really struggling to stick to a healthy diet, is focus on finding foods that you enjoy and finding a healthy way to make them.

As an example, I really love just about any kind of dip and sauce.  For years, I put sour cream on just about anything you can think of. Now that I am more health conscious I understand that this is terrible for me and that it can only lead to weight gain.  But, you know what I found out?  If you season up non-fat Greek yogurt it tastes just as good as sour cream.  For example, when I am making Mexican dishes, I will add in a little ground smoked chipolte pepper and some cilantro.  I don’t even miss sour cream now.

Another great substitution is that instead of snacking on a cheese dip or loading up my sandwich with mayonnaise, I now use hummus all the time.  In fact, I make my favorite hummus recipes all the time!  There are so many different variations that I never get bored.

Pasta used to be the main stay of my diet – until I found quinoa.  I am a self professed carbohydrate junky, but thanks to quinoa I no longer have the quilt.  Quinoa is a great source of slow burning (low glycemic) carbohydrates, and also provides your body with a complete protein source thanks to the fact that all of the amino acids that we must obtain from food are present in quinoa.