Marketing 101: How to Revise Your Brand

It doesn’t matter if your company is 10 years old or a hundred years old, revision is sometimes necessary. Just recently, CEC Entertainment, Inc (otherwise known as Chuck E. Cheese), decided to revise their branding with a new mascot. Whether it’s due to an outdated image or change in the company, brand revision can help save your business. Here are a few tips on how to revise your brand.

Why You Need to Revise Your Brand

There are a number of reasons why a brand may need revised. First of all, the brand may end up giving off the wrong impression. Another reason is that your brand has become outdated, as in the case of Chuck E. Cheese. Yet another reason is that your business has changed. There are a number of reasons brands need revising. The key is knowing that your brand is no longer working for your company and something needs to be done. However, if you’re a new business, don’t just assume that brand is the problem. It takes a while for brands to become established.

What You Can Change

There are a number of things you can change to revise your brand. You might start with revising the definition of your brand or your logo. In many cases it isn’t necessary to change everything about your brand. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the color that you use. For example, Pepsi used to use the color yellow before switching to Pepsi blue. In other words, there are little tweaks that you can make or you can start from scratch. Just remember that sometimes, if the revision is massive, it may be easier to simply start a new company.

What to Consider Before Making Changes

You can’t just make changes without doing your research and thinking things through. You can test out new logos with consumer panels to see if a new logo would give off the right image. You could also research which colors have what effect on consumers. Another option is to look at your competitors and what works for them. That doesn’t mean you should copy their methods, but learn from them.

Brand revision is sometimes necessary in order to get your business back on track and the truth is many top companies have revised their brands over the years. In other words, you shouldn’t be afraid to make changes to help your company grow. Whether it’s something as simple as a logo change or involves massive changes, a brand revision can help save your business.

About the Author: Nola Halleck is a graphic designer who works closely with branding specialists to help small businesses create a unqiue identity. He specializes in creating graphics, metal sign pieces, business cards, apparel, and much more.