Types of Crystal Chandeliers

The one sure way to make an entire room come to life in entirely new ways is to install a crystal chandelier. Crystal chandeliers have been making a splash ever since they originally became popular in the castles and ballrooms of Middle Ages Europe and the new designs available with new technologies available and light metals, makes these lighting solutions a must for any home.

There are several types of crystal chandeliers and what type you choose depends on the style of your home and your decorating objectives. There are now crystal chandeliers available for literally every room in the house, including the bathrooms and kitchen. Think about the following types of crystal chandeliers before starting your shopping expedition.

The most well known are the contemporary crystal chandelier. The stones in these chandeliers are cut along straight and simple lines and are generally made of clear crystal. The entire effect is somewhat Spartan but appealing just the same and the effect is like having an ice sculpture hanging from your wall or ceiling. In Europe however Royalty used to have the crystals cut into different shapes to take advantage of the crystals refractive capabilities and actually embed crystals into the frame as well as suspending them. This increases the number of refractions giving everyone in the room a virtual lightshow.

There are also types of crystal chandeliers made of different materials. Wrought iron is very popular and so is wood. In a rustic setting there are crystal chandeliers made of local timber and the crystals can be embedded, suspended or both. The best place to not only find crystal chandeliers but to get a lot of information about them is at your local lighting specialty store. Many home improvement stores also offer not only all types of crystal chandeliers but excellent advice on how to install them.