How to Care for a Newly Hydroseeded Lawn

Hydroseeding is a quick and efficient way to have a new lawn that will impress everyone in your neighborhood and improve the look of your home. You may ask yourself “how do I care for my newly hydroseeded lawn?”, but taking care of your new lawn is extremely easy. Watering your new lawn is the most important thing to remember.

For the seeds to germinate, they must constantly stay moist in the mulch for at least one week. During the first week, you should water your lawn at least two times per day for at least twenty minutes. You should water your lawn in the early morning or late afternoons. On extremely warm days a little light watering is essential, so your lawn does not dry out or the seeds will die.

After the first week you will see scattered grass blades appear more in certain sections of your lawn than in others. Ensure that you continue watering the entire lawn but that you focus watering more on areas where grass blades have not yet appeared. When the grass blades have grown to about three and a half to four inches, you should mow your new lawn. You need to mow your lawn so the length of the grass is approximately three inches in height and make sure your mowers blade is sharp to refrain from damaging the grass blades.

Two months after you put in your newly hydroseeded lawn you will need to fertilize it again to ensure healthy growth. Make sure you choose a fertilizer with balanced levels of nitrogen and apply a light amount of fertilizer to avoid burn. Applying light amounts of fertilizer more frequently cultivates a healthier lawn. Now, you can enjoy your newly hydroseeded lawn and watch your neighbor’s faces as they wonder how you have such a luscious and healthy lawn.