The Value of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

It is no secret that companies cannot afford to lose a single customer. The customers have the power to make your business successful by buying your products and services. They may choose to buy products from your competitor if they are unhappy with the customer service offered by your company. Therefore, it is important that you take time to find out what your customers have to say about your company. There are many companies that conduct customer satisfaction surveys but they don’t receive the full benefit of their investment because they don’t implement the results of the survey.

How to unlock The Value of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Many companies conduct survey only to include it in their performance report. Proactive companies analyze the response of the customers to improve the performance of the company and to improve employee and customer satisfaction.

When responding to surveys, some customers may highlight certain areas that require immediate attention. If you take action to correct the problems in these areas, it will demonstrate that you are serious about satisfaction surveys and care about your customer. If you don’t take action, customers well perceive that you are not serious about satisfaction surveys and are wasting their time. Dissatisfied customers may approach your competitors if you don’t take steps to solve the problems they have with your company. You can use surveys to show your customers that you care for them and are willing to take steps to fulfill their needs.

There are a few steps that companies can take to unlock the value of the customer satisfaction surveys:

Establish the need

Most companies appoint a third party to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. These firms must understand the role customer satisfaction survey plays in development of your company. They must also understand the working of your business as it will help them in preparing the right questionnaire.

Establishing immediate requirements of your customers

The next step is to identify the areas that require immediate attention. You can identify the area that requires immediate attention by spotting the keywords used by the customers or by checking the responses given by them. You must also check the comments given by customers as it will help you understand the satisfaction level of your customers.

Team to implement the findings

You must have a team of people who have the power to implement the findings of the survey. The team will have the power to use the services of support personnel to resolve service issues that your customers have. They must also have the power to initiate new processes to fulfil customer’s requirement for additional services.

Your customer is dissatisfied because there is a gap between what they received and what they believed they would receive. This could be due to a misunderstanding or because there is contractual gap. The team must explain to customers the reason why a particular item or service was not included in the contract.


The team must report to the findings the study and the work done by them to the management at least once in a month. If any problem is not solved, they must suggest steps that management can take to solve the problem.

About the author:
Danny Duric holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He likes to upgrade his knowledge and to share interesting things with others. He is writing for a company that provides contact centre services.