Another iPhone Cell Phone Locator Application

The most popular of the cell phone GPS tracking applications for the iPhone is Find My iPhone.  One disadvantage of the Find My iPhone cell phone locator is that you need to subscribe to a service with MobileMe and pay $99.00 a year if you would like to use Find My iPhone.  Today I would like to tell you about a new iPhone tracking application called iLocalis that doesn’t cost nearly as much.  There are two member levels with iLocalis.  There is a basic membership for $7.00 a year and a premium membership for $20.00 a year.

This new cell phone tracking application is much more than just a cell phone tracker.  Of course there are more features that are available to premium members than there are to basic members.  Some of the benefits of being a basic member are that you can track the location of your iPhone with a computer.  You can also send a signal to your phone which will cause it to make a remote call.  You can also send a signal to your phone that will cause it to send a remote text message.

Premium members will have more features available to them like the ability to lock the phone with the code to prevent any unauthorized use.  Any time you misplace your phone, this is the first thing you you should do to prevent people from snooping into your personal information.  If you don’t think that you will ever have a chance of recovering your phone, you can send a signal with iLocalis that will completely erase everything on the phone.  This feature is not reversible so you should never use it unless there is absolutely no chance of recovering your iPhone.

There are other features of the iLocalis that I don’t have time to go into right now.  You should know that if you choose to use iLocalis, you will have to perform a procedure called jailbreaking it.  Jailbreaking and iPhone basically means unlocking the operating system and making it so that you can install unauthorized software onto your iPhone.