Dolls From Ancient Era To Date

Ancient era saw the dolls made of stone, wood, bones and clay and with the passage of time new materials got invented and same way the making of dolls also got changed. Now one can see dolls made of wax, porcelain, rubber, plastic, china and clay. Dolls were basically meant to be toys and they still are but they had been in use by the witchcraft and were used for different religious rituals too. Doll basically is a human model shaped as a man or a woman. Nowadays you can find princess dress up games for girls online.

Dolls have always been a source of entertainment for little girls as they love playing with them whilst nurturing the natural maternal instinct. Boys love playing with the action dolls instead. With the growth in human mind now a days the dolls we see are so close to the actual human that it confuses even a sane person of its originality.

Doll has become a symbol of attraction now a day’s even the groups of girls have started keeping their name as dolls groups or the pussycat dolls etc. Archives reveal dolls as the oldest known toy which was found in the Egyptian tombs which dates as old as 2000 years BC. In Egyptian, Greece and Roman dynasties it was a kind of ritual to bury the dolls in the graves of the children. The wealthier families use to burry pottery dolls whereas the commoners were in a practice to bury the wooden dolls.

A trace of Dolls with movable limbs and clothing was found to be present around 200 BC. As of now the health professionals are using anatomically correct dolls primarily to teach the medical students, nurses and social workers about the anatomy of human focusing on multiple investigative procedures. Dolls do not count the girlish figures only instead they represent action figures, superheroes, celebrities such as Justin Bieber dolls etc too.

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