Benefits And Functions Of An Italian Espresso Maker

For the budget conscious coffee lover, price will always be an issue. And for the people who are willing to settle on mediocre espresso quality, the Moka pot will always be the best alternative.

The Moka Pot is also known as the “Italian Coffee Maker” because this coffee maker was first used and created in Italy in the early 1800’s. This was created and patented by an Italian named Alfonso Bialetti in early 1900’s. This was widely used by elite personas way back in the 1900’s and was later on adapted by locals for home use brewing.

The Italian espresso maker is one of the oldest espresso makers that the modern era still adores. It’s simple mechanism allows easily espresso processing without the hassle of complexity of operation. As compared to the modern espresso machines, an Italian espresso maker does not require any buttons to push, sequence to remember and electricity to run. All that is needed is a stove, water and coffee grounds. This small machine works like a kettle. It has three main parts, the lower, the mid and the upper container. The lower container is the water reservoir, the second one holds the coffee grounds (looks like a funnel with filter) and the upper container will hold the brewed coffee.

It can easily be assembled by screwing each part together tightly. Gaskets seal the parts together to avoid any leaks during the brewing process. The Italian espresso maker is steam driven, and since it is, the water needs to be boiled directly above a heating source to extract the coffee powder on the funnel and drive it up to the first container. Once the steam-brewing process is done, the machine will then produce a gurgling sound to signify that the third chamber is almost empty. When it does, you can now serve approximately 5 cups of nicely brewed espresso.

It is dependent on the quality of coffee beans, so you need to be very choosy with the beans you’ll use. The beans should be fresh so that you can extract an espresso with rich flavor aroma. If you don’t have your own grinder in your kitchen, you can always go to coffee shops and have your coffee beans grinded.

The Italian espresso maker is a very cheap alternative among the other released coffee machines. Its popular brands are Bialrtti and Saeco and these brands are worth $150 or so. Aside from the traditional home use purpose of these machines, it can also be very useful for trekkers and travelers. Since this machine is too compact, no one will ever have a hard time carrying it around. Consider looking at Nespresso le cube espresso machine or la pavoni espresso.