Quality Univeral Remotes From Logitech

Logitech Harmony universal remotes are an excellent way to get control over your home entertainment system and get rid of all those remotes.  This series is also easy to set up. All models offer a USB connection to make set up easy using your computer.

The Harmony 300 model is the basic model and is compatible with practically any device integrated into your home entertainment system.  One of the nicest features this, the basic model in the series, has is that you can assign the volume controls without having to switch between your amp and TV.  Another nice feature is the TV power will also turn on your cable or satellite box.  This basic remote has all the features you could want in a basic remote and then some.

The Harmony 650 models through the 900 models are remotes with touch screens incorporated into the remote: the higher the number, the larger the screen.  Another nice feature with these remotes is the one touch feature.  Just touch the part of the screen that says watch DVD, and your DVD player, TV and amplifier will all be turned on.  Another cool feature is all of these models except the 650 model are rechargeable.  The 900 model includes an RF system that allows you to control your devices behind a cabinet or in a closet.  Any of the other remotes in the Logitech Harmony universal remote series, can be upgraded to include an RF system with the Wireless Extender.

The Harmony 1100 is a very cool remote that you should consider if you can spend some extra money.  It gets rid of most of the buttons and replaces it with a user-friendly large touch screen.  This is a very pretty remote that also comes with their Wireless Extender.  The only draw back with the models that incorporate a touch screen is that they can be delicate.  Be careful not to drop these remotes on a hardwood floor or you could crack the screen and make the remote much more difficult to use.

The Logitech Harmony remote series are an excellent addition to the universal remote field.  With multiple models to choose from with different price points, you are sure to find a quality universal remote that works for you. If you would like to Buy Logitech Harmony or learn more about them, go to Remotegeneral.com.