What Is The Ilbe Pack?

The amount of people who have used backpacks in recent years has really taken off. They first became widely used in the United States by college and high school students, but they have grown quite a bit since then. You will no doubt be able to find backpacks being sold in your local convenience store, and the number of designs and styles is mind boggling. Probably one of the best backpacks on the market the market today is the Ilbe backpack
Ilbe in an acronym, it means Improved Load Bearing Equipment. If you served in the army a few years ago you will no doubt remember the “Alice” packs. The Ilbe pack is a new updated version of those old Alice packs and also the Molle packs, which didn’t see much use in service.

The Ilbe backpack was first designed to allow soldiers and marines to carry more load but without causing them an injury or over stressing their muscles. If a solider is going to carry 70lbs or more around with them all day then load has got to be evenly distributed so that it causes the least amount of strain. The design of this backpack can potentially save soldiers lives by allowing them to carry all of the equipment that they need over long distances and without causing undue strain.

There are three different ways in which you can set up an Ilbe backpack. You can have the existence load, which is the minimum load, the Approach March Load, which is medium size capacity, and then the Assault Configuration, which is the Ilbe backpack at its full size. This allows you to pick out the ideal match for what your needs are at a specific time. Possible the only down side to the Ilbe is that it lacks any padding. If you will be carrying electronics it might not be protected enough for you.

Probably the best place to shop for an Ilbe pack is on the internet. You could of course check at your local army surplus store but it will no doubt be too expensive. The internet lets you bypass these high costs that stores normally charge you.