Horse Shows are Great Places to Find Gifts

One of my favorite places to shop for horse gifts is at a local horse show. Usually, I pick one of the bigger shows to go shopping at. There are always a lot of booths or trailers set up by local vendors as well at some of the mobile trailers from the National chains. The trailers from the National chains often have good quality tack, grooming supplies, show clothes and general every day clothes and horse gear. Show tack is a very popular purchase from these retailers. You can often find just about anything there that you are able to find in their mail-order catalogs or on their internet sites. Usually at the horse shows they’ll have a sale going, which makes it a great time to pick up that special item to give to a friend at a discount and without also paying the extra cost of shipping.

The local vendors often times carry products promoting not only themselves but also other local businesses that are related to horses. They’ll often put up displays with items from other small horse related businesses, like engraved to-go cups, calendars, or photos taken by a local photographer. Many times they will stock items with a business’s logo on it, like a hat with the logo for MSP Farrier on it. My favorites include the key chains, cups, and calendars with pictures of the local show horses featured. I like it when these local shops take in consignments to sell for the individual person. Sometimes a person will buy a new show horse and the saddle just doesn’t fit, so you can find these items displayed for sale at these local vendor’s trailers or booths. That saddle you admired months ago just might show up one day for sale at a local show. Over all I much prefer shopping for gifts at the local vendors booths or in their mobile trailers. The sales are usually better and they have unique items which makes gift buying a whole lot easier.