How to (Not) Be Disbarred From Your Profession

With today’s tough economy, businesses are taking the easy and fast route to barring employees from their jobs. They are giving far less warnings and warning signs before they let them employees go. When the company has to do some downsizing, you may unexpectedly find that you too are barred from working any longer. There are many employers today who don’t give a second thought to barring someone from their job.

Employers can find the tiniest reason to ban employees from their jobs. Below are five great ways to avoid being banned from your profession.

Your Performance
It is always important to make sure you are meeting your goals at work. To avoid being let go, take it up a notch higher and try to exceed those goals. Your performance is the main reason a company keeps employees. Your achievements need to stand out and be known without making it too obvious. Now and again, make a note to your boss (possibly in your one on one meeting) about what you are doing and what you have accomplished. Quantifying your achievements is much more powerful today.

Be Visible
Always make yourself known. Talk to your boss on a daily basis if you can. Know what he or she needs and expects from you. Just like yourself, when the economy is bad, your boss could also be concerned about their own employment status. When you know what the goals of your boss are, make your performance better to help with their performance as well. The better your boss knows and feels about you, the harder it would be to ban you from your job. You can’t fly under the radar, so don’t even try that trick.

Your Behavior
If you have had issues in the past with inappropriate behavior at work, make 100 percent sure that does not happen again. More people get fired from their professions for social interactions with people at work more than they do for performance issues. If you have both, you’re setting yourself up to be banned from the office. For example, if you are on the sales team and someone has to be let go, who do you think it will be? It’s going to be the employee who has both problems in the office and on the job as well.

Your Time
Always get to work on or before it’s time to start. Don’t be the first one heading out the door every day either. This is a good way to show you’re dedicated to your job. No one wants to ban an employee from work who is consistently on time and dedicated to their job. Put in some extra time when the boss needs help and show that you want to not only keep your job, but excel at it.

Be Flexible
Never have that “it’s not my job” attitude. Would you rather it is no job at all? Always try to be cooperative and do what is asked of you. Avoid being banned now and when you are the one ready to find another job, you go yourself. If you’re looking to get out, wait until the market is better and you will have more opportunities. In the meantime, being flexible and doing what they ask can help you move up in your current profession.

There are far too many ways you can dodge the bullet and avoid being banned from your profession and livelihood. By following some of the tips above, you should be able to hang on and push forward with your career.

Jason Rogers writes about finance and business.   He urges his clients to keep a close watch on their credit at