Washable Floor Rugs vs. Carpets

Flooring is a very important aspect of your home, since it is very visible to everyone inside the room. At the same time, it is also very prone to dirt and damage, and so must be taken care of. If you have wooden floors or even tiles, you surely want to keep them intact. Some ways by which homeowners take care of their floors are with carpets and rugs. If you are still deciding which one to get for your home, read on and consider the advantages and disadvantages of both.

When it comes to coverage, carpets are definitely your better choice. Wall to wall carpeting covers the entire area of your floor, leaving no space unprotected. This helps you make sure that the flooring underneath does not get damaged. Just make sure to get carpets that are thick enough to withstand prolonged friction and pressure. Floor rugs tend to be smaller and so can only cover limited spaces such as doorways or under tables and chairs. If you still want some of your flooring to be seen, you can choose area rugs.

Cleaning must also be taken into consideration. Between rugs and carpets, rugs definitely win. They are smaller and so do not need as much maintenance, and you also have the option of washable floor rugs which you can just throw into your washing machine and dryer. Carpets need a lot of regular vacuuming, and if you get a stain on it you have no other choice but to scrub it until it comes out. Rugs can be treated with stain removers or treatments.

If you are a practical homeowner, you are also probably thinking about cost. Carpets are definitely more expensive. You will need to purchase the carpet itself, pay to have it installed, and may also need to hire professionals for maintenance and cleaning. Cheap area rugs, on the other hand, can just be purchased and placed in your area of choice around the house. And, like already mentioned, they are not so much of a hassle when it comes to cleaning.