How Useful Is Garden Netting?

Garden netting are one of the most useful items that one can add to their gardens. These simple garden items are inexpensive and have a variety of types to choose from depending on their application. They are great to be used as pest control. They are safer and more economical than using chemical pesticides that can not only ruin the environment but your health as well. Garden netting can also be used to provide shade to your delicate plants from the intense heat of the sun.

One of the most common uses of garden netting is as a protection against those pests that feasts upon garden plants and produce. There are several types of garden pest netting that one can choose from according to the type of pest they want to keep out of the garden. You have the garden bird netting, insect netting and also nettings that helps defend your garden from attacks from mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, or deer. These types of netting are strong enough to deter the different kinds of pests that can cause damage to your garden.

Another type of garden netting is the garden shade netting. This type is commonly used in garden that do not have that much natural shade to protect the more sensitive plants from the harsh sunlight. They are also ideal to use in greenhouse type of gardens or nurseries where they can be easily draped over the structure to shield the plants. Aside from protecting the plants from too much sun exposure, they can also be used as a way to protect the plants from strong winds and also to keep them from freezing by trapping heat inside. What’s great about using garden nets is that air can easily flow freely and will still allow just enough sunlight for your plants to grow healthy.

Garden netting has a myriad of other different uses aside from the ones mentioned above. They are versatile and easy to install since they are lightweight. Using them in a garden will not spoil the beauty of the garden because they can easily blend in with the foliage. They can be used any season and can easily be folded up and stored when not needed. Garden netting will surely make your gardening experience much more enjoyable and productive.