Types of Payroll Service

Running a business involves engaging people to provide the services or tasks required by the business. It means getting people to perform administrative, accounting, sales, marketing, janitorial, security and other functions to get the business running or operating smoothly. Having people doing these jobs mean paying them for the services rendered. That requires a specific person tasked to provide the payroll generation functions to effect the payment to the employees by the company for the services rendered.

Some companies choose to skip this part and hand over the task to a reliable payroll service provider. Instead of keeping an in-house staff, the company can engage an outsourcing company specialized in payroll services and get them to generate the payroll requirements of the company. It is less costly, more efficiently done and requires less time to do.

Prompt and timely payment of salaries of employees is one of the things employees are looking forward to every month. If done by an expert payroll service provider, employees are assured of receiving their salaries on time, and with the right amount. This is one way of keeping your personnel happy and you way of showing your appreciation for the kind of hard work they are giving to the company. As the business owner, you recognize their contribution to the success of the company. And the best way to express that recognition is by making sure that payroll happens on time.

Types of Payroll Services

Depending on the types of business you operate, you can choose the appropriate type of payroll services suitable for your business. Most of the outsourcing companies are able to offer the following types of payroll services:

  • Manual payroll service. This is often preferred by small business with budget restrictions and a few staff. The payroll service provider will manage the payroll using a simple spreadsheet on a company desktop or by hand in a company record book. Similarly, paychecks are generated through manual writing and distributed to the employees in accordance with the payroll schedule. Although the manual process is simple and straightforward, it is quite exposed to human error. As an alternative, at least computerize the data and calculation and do the rest manually.
  • Web-based payroll service. The payroll service provider can offer you set-ups or plans at fairy low rates. However, care should be taken and web security should be ensured in order to maintain the confidentiality of the data. This would be ideal for businesses with employees assigned or dispatched to different areas. With this type of payroll service, the risk of calculation errors is eliminated. Paychecks are generated according to accurately calculated data.

It is extremely important for any business to engage a reliable and efficient way to pay the employees. With the complexity of payroll service processes, outsourcing can simplify the process. The payroll service provider can make sure that your company satisfies all local, state and legal requirements in terms of payroll payment.

Choosing the Payroll Service Provider

For businesses employing several dozens to several hundred employees, outsourcing your payroll services is the best and wise option. The challenge now lies in being able to find the right and reliable payroll service provider for your business. The following tips may help:

  • Get referrals from family relatives, people in the community or social circle who might have used the services for their companies, A payroll service provider vouched for by someone you completely trust can give you the confidence about choosing the right provider.
  • Contact each provider referred and ask them for their project references. This will allow you to do some verification check on the reliability, delivery commitment, and overall performance of the payroll service provider.
  • Check their rates, fees, additional charges for extra services, etc. Before signing up any payroll service provider, you should be clear on all the terms pertinent to finances – initial payment requirements, schedule of payment and additional charges for additional services. If possible, ask them to break down details of the fees and the corresponding payment schedule.
  • Some payroll service providers offer value-added services, exceeding the usual services covered by the contract. Check with the shortlisted service provider if they are able to generate customized reports, administration of retirement plans, benefits for employees, or even medical insurance-related calculations.
  • Check the service provider what facilities and infrastructure or platform they are using in calculating, storing and protecting the data furnished to them every pay period. High-tech and advanced software programs can help maintain accuracy and quality.

Sustaining the operations of small businesses in today’s economy may come as a bit of a problem for the budget-restricted entrepreneurs. This is why they have been constantly looking for ways they can improve the business’ profitability. By freeing the company from considerable overhead expense amount out of the payroll services, other aspects of the business may be explored using the savings derived from outsourcing the payroll service.  This could help the company perform better in terms of business growth.

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