Tips for Starting Careers in Modeling

When most people fantasize about careers in modeling they see themselves on the cat walk in Paris or representing a major product line on television or on the cover of the latest magazine. It’s not easy to get into the modeling business, let alone develop a career, but a key step to make it in the modeling world and really pursue modeling as a career is some critical self-assessment.

What are your best features and strengths? What are your flaws and weaknesses? Do a critical inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. This means seriously consider every aspect of your body, your mind, your will, your emotions, your desires, and your personality. Take the time to figure out where you honestly shine. Obviously, you will discover your weaknesses as well and it makes sense to recognize them. However, most people spend their time working on making their weaknesses better when they would be better off spending their time making their strengths shine. Strengths are the foundation on which long-term goals can be built.

Weaknesses will exist, no matter how hard you try to make them better. Airbrush make up cannot completely conceal all flaws. On the other hand, many successful models have turned what some would say weaknesses into traits that set them apart from other models, which is what any agent would want. In their primes, for example, Marilyn Monroe was considered too heavy, and Twiggy too thin, but both of them had successful careers in the modeling industry.

Finally, do not neglect non-traditional roles to get your face in front of the camera. Many models have also played minor television and film roles to get their food in the door, and have modeled for small, non-mainstream magazines and foreign television commercials. When you’re just getting started, accept any role gracefully and strive to do twice as good a job as your employer is expecting, and you will be asked back.

Never forget, if you focus on your strengths, and find a niche in the modeling industry (whether it’s modeling clothes or posing for the latest commercial insurance billboard) that matches those strengths, it may not lead to supermodel lifestyle, but may very well lead to the reality of a successful modeling career.