Kitchen Islands With Seating: A Great Way To Have Gatherings

I don’t know about you, but I love having family and friend gatherings.  It’s a great way to catch up with friends while also enjoying food and beverages.  We love having our friends over on the weekends.  We recently remodeled our kitchen and decided to install kitchen islands with seating.  We thought that this would be a great idea because we would have more seating area for our friends and family and we would also be able to make food and have it displayed for everyone to eat.  It would also offer more place for everyone to enjoy the food that we made.

We love out kitchen island.  Not only do we have enough room for all of our friends and family, but it also offers a more open atmosphere so that everyone can relax and enjoy while talking to each other.  We used to have to squish everyone into our very small living room.  It was not relaxing and it did not allow everyone to talk to each other with ease.  Now, instead of being crammed, we all have enough room to really enjoy the evening.

With our furniture style kitchen islands, we also have a great seating area.  We choose to get really comfortable bar stools that are very cushioned.  This gives everyone the opportunity to really enjoy themselves.

We also use our kitchen island to prepare meals.  It makes it easier for my whole family to take part in the creation of each meal.  My son is able to help make a salad with his father, while I cook chicken with my daughter. Each meal has really become a family affair.  This allows us to have more bonding time.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with our renovation choices.  We have more room to do the things that we love and have more fun cooking, relaxing, and hanging out!