The History of Backpacks for Toddlers

The small backpacks for children that you see everywhere these days were not always so prevalent.  It used to be that luggage makers and book bag manufacturers did not have to think about outfitting their products with fasteners that could be easily opened and closed by small children. They were not concerned about making easy to open small backpacks for toddlers.

Back in the day, few mothers worked outside the home.  Children did not have to carry bags to nursery school. Older kids would hand carry their books, strap them together, or load up book bags that resembled their dads’ briefcase, and off they would go. When women began seeking careers outside the home in increasingly larger numbers, more families turned to nursery schools for care of their children during the day.  Mom could not take the kids along to the factory or office where most did not provide childcare.  Instead, mom or dad would take the children to nursery school en route to work.

Manufacturers who noted this trend understood that parents and their children needed to carry favorite items along such as napping blankets and cuddly, comforting toys.  The smallest children needed carriers of their own. This led to the creation of young toddlers backpacks.

They also gave the youngsters new pride in their big girl or big boy status.  Suddenly, they could carry backpacks just like their older brothers and sisters.  The items became very popular as carriers for treasured playthings.  Parents also appreciated the easy open Velcro fasteners that made it easy for little fingers to open and close them.

Backpacks for toddlers were also welcomed by nursery school teachers.  They were able to bring show and tell time to their classrooms for the younger students.  At home on the weekends, mom and dad can now help their children pack up the special items they want to take to school to show their teachers and the other kids.