Marketing Tips for Bail Bonds Agencies

It’s an increasingly competitive field, and reputable bail bonds agencies are finding it difficult to promote themselves in a market cluttered with scam artists and unscrupulous competitors. Since the levy is fixed at 10%, what sets a bail agency apart is service and marketing – the first of which is rendered redundant unless the second is skilfully executed. Here are several marketing ideas for your bail bonds agency.

1. Yellow Pages

Still an extremely effective source of information, this business directory is often the first port of call for many people when they need assistance of when they are searching for a business. It has great reach and the advantage of being able to reach even the technologically impaired.

Unfortunately, it can be expensive and it is difficult to stand out from the hordes of companies who use this form of advertising. It should be used in conjunction with several other forms of advertising.

2. Website & SEO

Every company who wants to make an impact will have a website. Hire a professional to design your site, as this creates a positive impression. A poorly-designed website with bad content on it will speak volumes as to your lack of professionalism and many people will be turned off by a site that doesn’t seem professional.

Once you’ve got your website, you’ll need to engage an expert in Search Engine Optimisation to help you stand out in search rankings. This can be a difficult and lengthy process, and there are plenty of companies who over-hype the mysteries of Google. Pay-per-click advertising is a speedy route to the top of the charts, but it can be costly.

3. Get your brand out there This sometimes falls into the territory of guerrilla marketing, but not always. It can be as simple as buying branded t-shirts and asking your employees to wear them on the company night out, or paying for advertising on billboards and benches. Some companies find that branding pens is particularly effective.

4. Develop contacts in the industry

The best advertising is word-of-mouth, and plenty of bail agencies receive business by fostering good relationships with defence attorneys and jail staff. This is an excellent way of boosting your custom – firstly, the recommendation carries more weight because it is from a professional, and secondly, they can advise which clients you should – and shouldn’t – take on board. If you’re a bail agency, part of your business is about managing risk, so this is important.

5. Expertly performing the service

Is there a stronger method of marketing than positive feedback and reviews from people who have used the service? Satisfied customers are always a great method of marketing, no matter the kind of business. Invest in training your staff, maintain standards and take pride in your work – the superlative quality of your service will provide excellent talking points.

Above all, be aware that some forms of advertising for bail agencies are prohibited in certain states. Recently a Santa Ana bail bondsman solicited business by mass mailing fliers to the Orange County jail, and he was arrested because in California this is against the law. Make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the bail bonds telephone call!

Kate Lee is a freelance writer and contributes to many websites. She specialises in bail bonds articles and legal tips.