Best WordPress Database Backup

The most reliable source of data organization in digital form is the database. A database organizes a collection of information submitted by the user and is typically described as an electronic filing system. It aims to allow computer programs to select data quickly. Also, it works side by side with a collection of programs called the database management system or DBMS that allows users to access information stored from a database record.

Due to the operational proficiency of setting up a database for computer system programs to be well-organized and conveniently managed, almost all publishing platforms utilize a database. One of these is WordPress. I’m sure you’ve heard of WordPress before or maybe you have an account there already because it has been a popular choice of domain over the years. WordPress is a well-known blog tool and publishing platform that utilizes MySQL database.

The MySQL database works efficiently with a user interface called phpMyAdmin to smoothly manage WordPress content and information. I assume you already know that before you put up a database and domain, you have to select a hosting service provider which gives you option to select phpMyAdmin to create a MySQL database for WordPress. Now, you need an empty database so that the WordPress installer can automatically create database tables. Some of these tables are wp_options, wp_comments, wp_registration_log, wp_users, and many more, which delegate specific functions to be executed in the WordPress user interface.

However, the most frequent mistake users make is forgetting to backup the entire database. Sure, a database helps you organize, maintain, store, and manage file settings, but it does not have the capacity to restore and recall all data if it has been corrupted. You’ll never know when there is going to be permanent errors with the server or hosting service you use. So, it’s either you backup your WordPress database or lose your entire blog and start from scratch again.

Let me share with you a list of the best WordPress database backup plugins that are user-friendly and easy to access. The following are the backup plugins that seem to work the best for your WordPress database backup needs: blogVault, Backup Technology, backupify, VaultPress, and BackupBuddy. But, I would like to recommend WP-DBManager as the best WordPress database backup plugin because it is specifically developed to support WordPress data. You can download it from the WordPress plugin directory and it’s free. You’ll see on the directory different versions of WP-DBManager that best work with a specific WordPress version.

I’ll share with you a tutorial site to guide you in installing and backing up a WordPress database