Should you hire security for your business? Well, that depends on your assets. For some businesses, manned security might be overkill. But, you very well may have assets worth the investment in security that goes beyond the traditional security camera and motion detectors.


If your business has a lot of equipment, you may want to hire a security officer. This is true for many different industries. If you are a business with many computers and the related hardware, you stand a chance of being robbed. This is especially true of you just upgraded, adding new machinery. Traffic in and out of your office will have been noticed, as will the garbage with the boxes freely labeled with well-know brand names.

Construction companies often find themselves the victims of robberies, as well. Equipment such as generators and construction supplies are prime targets for thieves. A security officer can be a presence that dissuades the potential thief, where security cameras may be short circuited.


Medical labs are another business that may benefit from the presence of a security guard. The chemicals and drugs inside are a common target for crime. It’s the same thing with liquor stores, which are often robbed.


If you keep money in your place of business, you certainly need a security officer. Cash on hand attracts basically 2 different kind of crooks. You’ll be faced with the desperate smash and grab crook who is likely to come in armed and ready to shoot, and then there’s the professional thief who will plan his robbery around any security measures you have in place. With a security officer onsite, you have front line protection for your employees and business.


If you have high profile personnel in your office, you may need to hire security officers. Security officers trained in close support are well versed in threat recognition and assessment. While your security system of cameras and alarms will record what is happening, and report what happened, an onsite security officer can make split second decisions, protecting personnel on site. In addition, an armed close security guard can provide a last line of defense against intruders.

A security guard provides extra safety in many ways. The most obvious is the deterrence of having a uniformed officer present and watchful. Many thieves and vandals will simply move on when they see a security officer.

An additional benefit of a security officer is that you have a trained eye onsite. Security personnel are trained in threat assessment. They are considered the First Person on Scene, or FPOS, when any threat occurs.

Training for your security personnel also includes triage and first aid. His job is to protect the people under his care, so he will have planned out escape routes in the case of fire, explosion, or some other catastrophe.

In some cases, security officers are trained and certified in close combat techniques. This will enable him to fight against an armed assailant, using weapons of opportunity.


Fred Burns has been working in the security industry for many years, he currently works for Cross-Deck, a company  that gives access to a wide range of security jobs and training courses.