A Radical Solution to Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the major reasons for an extraction to be performed. A tooth extraction is the process of pulling a tooth out using forceps or surgically removing it. There are three main reasons for tooth extractions: tooth decay, wisdom teeth or impacted teeth, and braces.

A Sunnyvale Dentist can help the patient come up with a treatment plan that works the best for them. If tooth decay is not taken care of a in a timely manner, sometimes there isn’t enough of the tooth to be saved. When this happens, the tooth is removed, leaving a gap that can be filled with an implant or a bridge. The rotten tooth will be removed with dental forceps. The dentist will anesthetize the tooth and then rock the tooth back and forth until there is enough room in the socket and the tooth pops out. With this type of extraction, the tooth usually remains intact.

Wisdom teeth or the third molar in the back are often removed from patient’s mouths. When these teeth come in there is not enough space in the jaw, so the tooth can cause crooked teeth, or sometimes these teeth come are impacted in the gum line. Another reason why wisdom teeth are removed is because they are in a hard to reach area of the mouth, and are hard to keep clean. If the wisdom tooth is all the way in, and there is evidence of decay, the tooth can be removed with dental forceps and local anesthetics. If the teeth are impacted though, they must be removed surgically through an incision.

A dentist in Sunnyvale can remove teeth for the final reason: braces. Often times, braces are needed to realign the bite of the mouth. Extra teeth can affect the bite of the mouth, so they have to be removed to give the patient the best smile. Once the extra teeth have been removed, braces can be placed on the teeth, to give the patient the perfect smile.