Opening a Restaurant: How to Choose a Concept

Are you seriously considering opening a restaurant? If you are, there are so many vital things that you need to mull over before you go ahead and open your new eating place. Though your first concern might be venue or permits, or maybe where to find a good supplier of fresh produce, there is actually a more important issue that you have to deal with first and foremost – and that is finalizing your concept.

Restaurant Concept

The concept is one of the main factors that impact everything else. If you already have a venue in mind, then you need to carefully think about what restaurant will do well there. For instance, in case you are planning on renting a place near an area that’s primarily populated with low to middle income families, then maybe a 5-star restaurant might not do well there. Perhaps a small eatery that serves delicious but affordable food will do better in that location. So, you should first settle on what sort of eating establishment is needed in your area.

Another issue to consider is – what kind of restaurant do you really like to eat in? Do you prefer going to places that serve Chinese food, seafood, or maybe all-American barbecue? This is important because you need to own and manage a place that you’ll truly love. Without dedication and love for your work, you might find your business more of a chore than a pleasure. Like what Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Ideas for a Restaurant

When it comes to restaurant concepts, there is certainly no shortage of ideas. There are concepts based on specific kinds of cuisines, such as Chinese, Asian, European, or American. You can also get ideas based on the things that you like. For example, if you are a true coffee lover, then you might find it interesting and enjoyable to open up a coffee shop. In case your passion is baking, then maybe you should capitalize on that.

These days, there are so many novel restaurant concepts which have emerged due to modern lifestyles. Because of people’s fast-paced lives, they want things quickly. This is why so many fast food restaurants have surfaced. But apart from these, there are now restaurants that primarily serve home cooked meals for take out, while others benefit from providing delivery service to their clientele.


As you go finalize your concept, be sure to consider your resources, specifically your funds. Keep in mind that opting for a more complex restaurant, like a posh bistro and nightclub or maybe an exclusive bar, will be more expensive. You’ll need more money for supplies, furnishings, and other interior and exterior d├ęcor. More employees and better advertising are also expected. But the upside here is that if you go for a place that caters to first class clients, you’ll also enjoy bigger financial rewards and recognition in case your restaurant becomes successful.

Opening a simpler restaurant, on the other hand, requires fewer resources in terms of manpower, equipment and advertising. This, however, does not mean that your place will just wallow in obscurity forever. Most entrepreneurs who only have limited financial resources prefer unfussy eating places that offer great food. They allow the fare to speak for itself, and the taste of their food is what makes them popular.

Claire Griffin is a freelance writer who regularly writes about food and eating establishments. She also blogs for where you can find information and advice about opening a restaurant.