Margaritaville DM1000 Key West Review

It is not hard to get overwhelmed with all the different choices available when shopping for frozen drink makers.  There are some really good machines out there and some units that you should try and stay away from as you will certainly be disappointed with your purchase.  I’ve put together this Margaritaville DM1000 review so you can see some of the features and functions that make this one of the best units on the market today.

First off this machine is made very well and should last you through as many pitchers of frozen drinks that you can manage.  A lot of the cheaper brands are built with motors that can burn out in a very short period of time.  This system uses dual motors, one for shaving ice and one for blending the drinks.  It is the ice crushing that puts the most wear and tear on common blenders.  They take that problem out of the scenario by having each process function separately.

This is also the thing that allows it to create restaurant quality margaritas.  If the ice isn’t shaved before it reaches the blender, your margaritas tend to come out filled with ice chunks that ruin the texture and leads to watered down drinks as those bits of ice melt in your glass.  It’s this high quality of drink that makes this such a sought after margarita maker.  Most cheaper brands are nothing more than a kitchen blender with some pretty useless add-on features.

The Margaritaville line has some great features for the user as well.  If you want to adjust the consistency of your drinks to your tastes, you have the ability with this machine.  You can thicken or thin your drinks with a simple knob that you turn.  Once you know just how you like it, you can repeat it pitcher after pitcher.

That’s part of the beauty of this machine, consistent, high quality frozen drinks.  It is really quite simple to use.  First you add ice to a large container on the top of the machine, it holds enough to make two pitchers without refilling.  Then add your drink mix and tequila to the blender jar.  Hit the start switch and you have a pitcher of ready made margaritas in under a minute.  It knows just how much ice to shave based on the settings you choose.  No way one of those margarita blenders can even compete.

The DM1000 is one of the best margarita makers on the market and well worth buying.  Hopefully you’ve found this review helpful.