Prenatal Massage for the Expecting Mother

Prenatal massages are relaxing and enjoyable experiences for a mother-to-be. They share the same goals as a regular massage: easing tense muscles, focusing on sore spots, and benefiting circulation. Prenatal massages, however, will focus specifically on the needs of pregnant women. Carrying a baby changes a woman’s balance, causing her to undergo a lot of stress on her neck, abdominal muscles, shoulders, and back. Therapists who are trained in this discipline know how to adjust their technique accordingly.

There are many benefits to receiving a prenatal massage. Besides the fact that it just feels great, studies have shown that a session reduces stress hormones in the body. A pregnant woman’s body is a changing one that takes some getting used to, and the therapeutic value of touch should never be underestimated.

Massages are generally safe for most women who are expecting, but it’s recommended to check with your primary healthcare provider to be on the safe side. Women who are experiencing a heavy discharge, unusual pain, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, morning sickness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or a contagious illness should not receive a massage.

An hour-long session can run anywhere from $50 and up in price. Paying out of pocket is one option, but if you can’t regularly afford such a luxury, you may be able to have your insurance cover it. Some plans require a doctor’s prescription and diagnosis (such as back pain) before they will cover a massage. The most important thing is not to choose your therapist based on price. Because the well-being of not just one, but two lives are at stake, you want to know that your body and its precious cargo are in good hands. Ask your doctor for their recommendation or take the advice from a trusted friend that may have had a good experience with a prenatal massage.