Men’s Wedding Bands Suit Personality and Fashion Style

Men’s wedding bands come in such a wide array of metals, designs and styles that it is worth the time and effort to select a wedding band that will best suit the groom’s personality, sense of fashion and lifestyle.

Many men who are not currently used to wearing rings want to be sure that the wedding band they select feels comfortable since hopefully they will be wearing it for many years to come. Both the shape of the men’s wedding band and the width of the band can impact the comfort of the wearer. Look for a band constructed with softly rounded edges rather than angular edges. Check to see if the inside of the band has been constructed using a comfort curve which is slightly rounded rather than flat.

If a man’s hands are muscular with long fingers, choose a band with average width or even larger. Men with smaller hands and slender fingers feel more comfortable wearing a narrow band with narrow width.

Men’s wedding bands are constructed of gold, silver, titanium and platinum. The majority of men favor a gold wedding band because of its durability and hardness. Yellow gold ranks first in gold color choice, followed by white gold and rose gold. Because a wedding band is jewelry that is worn daily, an 18K gold is the best metal choice for everyday wear. A mens titanium wedding bands are 100% hypoallergenic and stronger than any other metal used in wedding bands, making it more dent and scratch resistant. A downside is that it cannot be resized so if a man gains weight, the band cannot be enlarged. Platinum makes a heavy dense band that is silver-white in color and very durable, although not a popular men’s wedding band choice. Silver is the softest of the metal choices and subject to blackening over time as well as being a band that is the most easily scratched.

For men who like simplicity, the classic gold wedding band remains a favorite among the many options for men’s wedding bands. Creative and artistic types may favor men’s wedding bands with textured or woven design finishes, inset diamonds or gemstones like you get in a cubic zirconia ring, inlays of contrasting metals, use of two toned metals, and edges that are ribbed. A celtic band may be appropriate if one or both parties are Irish, or a diamond wedding band if the groom is Italian.

For some men, the ultimate romantic gesture is selecting matching wedding bands. This can be the most appropriate choice if the bride and groom can agree upon the same metal and design style.