Don’t Forget These Wedding Accessories

There are many wedding accessories to add and complement your wedding, but if you try to add them all, there’s a good chance you’ll be overwhelmed. Here are the more important items you’ll need to consider for your reception and for your ceremony wedding accessories. The last thing you need is to miss this important step, so don’t forget wedding accessories for your wedding!

For your ceremony, the unity event, where you join two items into one, is where we will start. Some people use sand and wine, while the most used is the candle. The bride and groom will take two tapers and light a larger candle together. Sometimes the mothers will light the tapers with an additional candle. If you are in a breezy area, bring glass covers to keep the candles from extinguishing. Also, those tapers won’t stand up on their own, so bring something to hold them up.At the end of the ceremony, as you exit the altar as the newly married couple, people used to throw rice at you. This is not a good idea any more because it can hurt the local wild animals that try to ingest it. Now guests can use those little bubble blowers. Some people take the flower girls lead and toss rose petals. Another great choice is bird seed, which takes care of the rice issue immediately!

The other important wedding accessories for the ceremony that you must not forget is the flower baskets for the little girls and the container or pillowcase for the ring bearer. Keep in mind, the ring bearer is symbolic, so there’s no need to give $20,000 worth of jewelry to a kid! If you want to show pictures at the church, you’ll need some frames to put them in for display. Extra candelabras or other items may be needed.

For your wedding reception, you will be drinking champagne during the toasts, so it’s a good idea to pick out some nice glasses to use. You don’t have to go to a wedding boutique to get these either as most home stores carry some beautiful selections.

The cake cutting is another event that may suffer if you forget these wedding accessories. A statue of a bride and groom known as the cake topper will add either a classic, cute, or funny touch. Your knife and server, also sometimes engraved, will be used for the actual cutting of the cake. I’ve even seen brides put on little aprons for the event, which adds a nice touch.

Sometimes you can find discount wedding accessories at local stores doing close outs or big sales. If not, look to shop on the internet. You can compare and contrast the prices and quality of a lot of stores and items much easier this way.

Look for wholesale wedding accessories for larger orders you might place, like for wedding gifts to your guests or decor for your tables.

Another fun and interactive wedding accessory you can pick up are disposable cameras. Put one at each table so your friends and family can shoot each other. You’ll get a lot of fun pics that you otherwise may have missed. AS your guests arrive, they will drop their gifts off on a table. Some folks will bring cards instead, so have something for them to place this in. A mailbox is nice, but a unique wedding idea is to use an old school bird cage that they can slip the card into. They will also need to sign in, so pick up a wedding guest book that fits with your style and sensibilities.

If you’re looking to save money and get some cheap wedding accessories, you are in luck. So many discount internet sites are out there and you will always be able to find what you want at the best price possible. this also depends on your wedding theme. If you need beach wedding accessories, you will probably have no issues finding items at low prices. If your theme is unusual (like Halloween, European, Western, etc.), you may need to just accept the extra costs. Finding western wedding accessories is not the easiest thing to do in the world! The best advice, as always, is get your list done early, find your wedding accessories as soon as possible, and don’t forget any items that will be extremely important to you…this is, after all, your one and only wedding!