The Best Web Hosting for WordPress Guide

If you are planning on creating your own website or blog, for whatever purpose it may serve you, you might want to try WordPress since it is at the moment the most in-demand blog tool and publishing platform. Before you even begin to create your own domain, you have to select a web host to make your website or blog accessible via the World Wide Web.

What do web hosts do?

Normally, when you set up a website or blog, you occupy a web space on a server, use the Internet to connect to the World Wide Web, and store information in a data center and web interface. These are what web hosts are for. They provide these applications and a lot more for their clients.

The basic web hosting services are offered for free, especially for personal website hosting. However, for businesses, the demands for content management and applications are high; thus, the cost of the website hosting may vary as well. There are lots of web host providers available offering subscriptions for web hosting monthly or yearly. But there are some guidelines I’ll offer that you should check in selecting a web host provider to make sure you find someone helpful and reliable.

First, choose a web host that offers free and unlimited domains, storage space, and bandwidth. Or if you have an existing domain, choose the web host that offers free transfers of domains. Second, check if they offer a 24/7 customer technical support for assistance. Third, if you are using WordPress, select web hosts that support WordPress installation. I like Fantastico for this purpose but it is not necessary. Fourth, compare the monthly and annual offers. Oftentimes, the annual rate is less expensive than paying the monthly rate over a year; so think of long term usage. And fifth, take advantage of the 30-day or 45-day money back guarantee so that you may try the services first before going in full blast.

There are web hosts that offer hosting for as low as $2.95 per month subscription, but be careful. I have found that with web hosting as with most products you buy, you often get what you pay for. They might not satisfy your website requirements because of the lack of features, they’ll often throttle your account if it gets too much traffic and there uptime might be less than stellar. As a rule of thumb, expect to pay around $10 a month for a decent host.

There are many web host serving providers to choose from, so how can you tell which one is the best? It’s hard to really. If you look at a dozen reviewers you’ll get half a dozen or more recommendations. However, I now use only one web host for all of my domains because they are reliable and quick with support. I use Hostgator. Use coupon code “usejoomlawp” without the quotes to get 25% off. At around $10 a month for unlimited domains it is not a big cost to spend for peace of mind.