Home Decorating – Options when Decorating with Wallpaper

If you are looking into improving your home decor, here are the affordable home decor options you can choose from when decorating with wallpaper:

Vinyl – Thicker and more durable than other papers, vinyl is easy to hang (ideal for virgin wallpaperers), and a good option for walls around the kids beds and hallways. Some papers can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as they are really easy to clean or wipe.

Patterned – The revival designs are new versions of archived wallpapers which have been given a modern twist, be it bright color or oversized scale. The modern floral choice is endless, from the small and pretty to big, bold designs in strong colors. The monochrome style or design features a single color printed over a white background and amazing in minimalist homes. Also, many homes have a retro feel, the graphic style is perfect if you want to add to the style. It features architectural designs, and can be found combined with textured and metallic finishes.

Texture – Flock is a technique that dates back to the 17th century and gives a raised soft, velvety finish. Modern designs in zesty color ways give flock a new edge. Look out for natural fiber papers – grass, sisal and Hessian – backed on to paper. Metallics look luxurious and light enhancing. They will create a stunning mood in any of your rooms.  Avoid hanging on bumpy walls as every lump will show.

Faux Papers – A quick and easy ways to get amazing effects such as brickwork, library books or a padded leather wall, without the cost and effort.

To make a splash with feature walls is an excellent idea if you want to add accent to the room. Wallpapering just one wall while keeping the others plain will instantly draw the eye. Guaranteed to add drama, a feature wall is a great starting point if you’re unsure of wallpaper, plus it will only take a roll or two, which is ideal if you are on a budget.

Use to highlight an area (and distract from elsewhere) or give a room a focal point. Chimneybreasts are obvious choices but you could pick alcoves or use as an eye catching backdrop for a key piece of furniture.