Benefits of buying a captain bed

Are you struggling with storage space in one of your bedrooms? If you’ve been asking yourself which bed is the best at providing storage space then you probably haven’t come around a kids loft bunk beds design. Captain’s bed were designed for the sole purpose of creating more storage/usable space for small rooms, so they are worth considering.

Back in maritime history it wasn’t easy for people to have both storage space and a bed in their small quarters on the old wooden ships, so the captain bed was designed to resolve the problem. This design of bed remains popular today as it still solves the storage space problem very well. Captain beds are available for both adults and children although lots of people purely think they are kid’s beds. The suit the tastes of both adults and kids these beds come in many different styles, sizes and finishes.

Manufacturers of these beds have tweaked the styling over the years to include a modern feel as well as a cottage and maritime novelty design in keeping with the beds history. Obviously the novelty styles are aimed more at the kids and the contemporary modern feel is for the adults looking to gain more storage space.

To cater for both adults and kids captain beds are available in a wide range of sizes including, single and twin which seems to be the best choice for kids, right up to queen and king size for adults who are looking to purchase a Captain bed.

One of the reasons why the captain bed design is still so popular is because that is a huge range of bed sizes available. This allows the beds to appeal to kids with the single and twin sizes and the adults with the double and king sizes.

Captain beds were created to make more storage space for small rooms and this is why people are still buying today. They are among the best bed designs for creating storage space and they do this by having drawers directly under the bed. The larger the bed you purchase the more drawers you get. For example a queen sized bed will give you around 8 drawers and the smaller twin beds will provide about 6 drawers.