Diet Solutions

Its hard to lose weight nowadays because of all the hype and myths out there. This article will attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet. We hope to dispel some myths along the way too. Before I do that, however, I would like to explain something. I am no an expert. I might be wrong in some issues. I’m a human after all. But though I lack the official credentials, the same thing cannot be said of my experience in this area. I have been in this industry (weight loss) for years and have seen a lot of diet fads come and go. I have seen the after effects of people taking diet pills and going under unproven diet plans. Some have a happy ending, most don’t. All you need is the following info and weight watchers bathroom scales.

Anyway, enough introduction. Let’s start with something as basic as water. A lot of diet gurus will actually advice you to drink lots of water. But that’s a myth perpetuated by the government and weight loss company like weight watchers. There’s no conclusive evidence supporting the notion of a 8 glasses a day requirement. The advice is as old as some of our kids nowadays.

The diet industry said it will help to keep you satiated but you’ll have to drink a lot just to keep your hunger at bay. Some research even shows that too much water is actually bad for you. So what is the right amount of water to drink. There’s two alternatives here in the weight loss perspective. One is to drink only when you’re thirsty but that doesn’t solve our hunger problem. A better alternative is to eat fruits. Since it contains fiber and have a lot of water content. It will satisfy both hunger and thirst.

The conclusion is, do your own research and the government is not always right. Especially when it comes to your health. Just think of politicians and you know what I mean.