The 411 on The New Balance 991

So what is the 411 on the New Balance 991? Well, this new athletic shoe brings a great new design to the brand that was established in the year 1906. This new sneaker provides comfort for those who wear them because of the many benefits they provide.

To begin, the sole offers an absorption that allows for maximum cushioning, equaling maximum comfort. It acts as an energy displacement and ultimately lessens the strike of your heel when walking. This shoe consists of a design called Encap which means that the middle of the foot is greatly supported. Even when you’re running or jogging, the center of your foot will still be supported with the New Balance 991. It is also a light shoe which is always great.

It is made up of material called blown rubber. This particular material is also light and also serves as a soft pad so your comfort is both on the inside and out, under each foot. A cushion is also provided for the heel and the ball of the foot. Runners find these shoes to be extremely durable and help in preventing running injuries. Although all New Balance shoes have been used by runners and athletes for training, this style brings a ease like no other.

You can comfortably walk on pavement or even run without having to feel the negative pressure afterwards. You can be on your feet all day long and as long as you’re wearing these shoes, you won’t feel like you have been. Usually, you need to pay a high price for such a high quality sneaker but with the New Balance 991 that is not the case. They are not expensive yet last for literally hundreds of miles. These shoes are one of a kind and not only do they provide maximum comfort but they are visually pleasing as well. If you would like to learn more about New Balance 991 mens or womens shoes, go to