A Lot of Versatility in the Ibanez S Series

Versatility is always a good feature to consider when you’re deciding on a guitar. It’s nice to be able to play many different styles of songs on one instrument and have the option to go sparkly clean or ripping distortion with some slight adjustments of the guitar and amp controls. The Ibanez S series is a line of guitars that suits this need for a versatile guitar perfectly. There are many different models to choose from in the lineup with different features, such as colors, number of frets, body wood, bridge styles and pickups.

I haven’t always bought in to this methodology of having one guitar do many things for me. I used to buy a different guitar for every type of tone I was trying to create. I think this was more ego than anything, to try and accumulate a huge collection of guitars. I don’t feel that way anymore and now I stick almost exclusively with my Ibanez S470 and it suits me well.

The S series is a slim around the edges style of guitar with a meaty middle section that the bridge, pickups and neck mount to. What this achieves is a light guitar that is comfortable around the edges yet has the added thickness for sustain where it needs it. Mahogany is the wood of choice on the S series, which gives it a warm and sweet tone that can easily be brightened up for more crunch with some volume and tone adjustments.

Regardless of your desired choice in music, I’m sure you will find a guitar from the Ibanez S series lineup that will suit your needs for tone and style. Some models are in the Prestige lineup, which means they are constructed in Japan with the finest attention to detail and also come equipped with the finest wizard necks Ibanez has to offer.