A Vehicle That Belongs In The Backyard: Wheeled Garden Cart

By introducing a small child to a wheeled garden cart, a parent can better encourage his or her interest in gardening. At the same time, that young child learns a good deal about the importance of good organizational skills. That youngster can see how a parent or grandparent collects all the needed tools and carts them to the spot where a flower should be planted or a flowerbed needs to be weeded.

After that simple gardening chore has been completed, then that two-person team must proceed to gather up all of the green waste. Each of the unwanted weeds, clippings and other material should be placed into the available cart. Parents often find that children derive much more pleasure from outdoor cleanup chores than from those that involve a tidying up of their bedroom.

While young people can be employed to help with any of the cart-moving tasks in an outdoor area, their size limits the extent to which their tiny hands can guide any of the garden utility wagons. Such a wagon is normally used to transport a heavy object, such as a young tree, a stump or a big rock. Boys who aspire to be men typically show a great interest in this aspect of wagon-hauling duties.

In fact, men never seem to grow out of their desire to impress others with what their muscles will let them lift and carry, even if it is only for a short time. For that reason, parents might find that even a male in his early to mid teens feels willing to pull or push a utility wagon. At that point, parents can only hope that his eagerness to guide a wagon’s wheels, while hauling a large stump or rock, translates into greater willingness to help with other gardening chores in the future.